Usual Delpiplup

Delpiplups are Delphized Piplups, hence the name, although most of them no longer work for Delphi at all and have formed their own group

Delpiplup Elite Strikeforceman

. They are notorious for using Diet Ribbons to hinder people, and in fact that is their specialty and they generally do not do anything else unless it leads up to a Diet Ribbon or DPT being utilized. Lesser-rank Delpiplups are generally unreliable and it is easy to stop them. Higher-rank Delpiplups, called Delpiplup Elite Strikeforcemen, are wily, ninjalike, and so determined it is utterly impossible to stop them until they've attached a Diet Ribbon or injected a DPT on/into their target. The official Delpiplup emoticon is "O^O".